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Testimonials on usage of the Rupture Seal
The potential to revolutionize the way companies deal with liquid spills. Earlier this year, Glenn Cox presented to me his invention the RuptureSeal™. I feel this device has the potential to revolutionize the way companies like mine deal with liquid spills - minimizing their impact on the environment and saving lives.
Joel Shannon, VP, Purchasing Fleet Operations, Seaboard/Harmac
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Hey Holland, Belgium and Germany. Get ready to seal spills quickly and effectively.
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RuptureSeal™ Marine Test Results!
RuptureSeal™ Marine test demonstrates that it can effectively temporarily plug rigid inflatable boat pontoons and maintain an air pressure to allow for a safe return to port.
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Truckers doing the right thing
Safety and environmentally conscious truckers - be well prepared for #spillprevention, because you never know what could happen.
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RuptureSeal™ Marine partners with Mermaid Marine
Boaters, RuptureSeal™ Marine now available where you shop!
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