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RuptureSeal™ can be the difference between a controlled spill and a disaster.  

Available in two lines – Industrial and Marine RV – both are operated quickly and simply by compressing a silicone pad into the rupture while pulling back easily on the handle. The device becomes mechanically fastened in place, sealing off the leak for upwards of ten hours until a permanent fix is available.

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Among other applications, the Industrial line is ideal for:

    • Emergency and First Responders
    • Environmental Agencies
    • Chemical Storage
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Oil Refineries
    • Pipelines, Pipe Repairs & Fittings
    • Warehouses, Lift Truck & Forklift Punctures/Accidents
    • Fire Hazmat, Firefighters & Fire Department Safety
    • Accident Site Safety
    • Manufacturing
    • Military
    • Government
    • Railway
    • Trucking
    • Towing Operations & Tow Trucks
    • Farming

     Available in the following sizes:

    • RS-1™     1/8" - 1" (4mm - 25mm)
    • RS-2™      ¼" - 2"   (6mm - 50mm)
    • RS-2X6™  ¼ " x 4" (6mm x 100mm) - 2" x 6" (50mm x 150mm)

Marine RV
The Marine RV line is designed specifically for recreational and professional boaters, commercial shippers, coastguards, loggers and others who may encounter maritime emergencies such as holes in the ship’s hull, etc.

Available in the following sizes:

    • RSM-1™     1/8" - 1" (4mm - 25mm)
    • RSM-2™      ¼" - 2"   (6mm - 50mm)
    • RSM-2X6™  ¼ " x 4" (6mm x 100mm) - 2" x 6" (50mm x 150mm)
Testimonials on usage of the Rupture Seal
We see the value in a product like yours, which made our purchasing decision easy. We were pleased to purchase the RuptureSeal™ kits for each of our Environment division's vehicles and marine vessels as a quick response to limiting releases to the environment.
Jim Young, P.Eng Director, Province of PEI, Environment Division
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  • June 23, 2015
Hey Holland, Belgium and Germany. Get ready to seal spills quickly and effectively.
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RuptureSeal™ Marine Test Results!
  • June 4, 2015
RuptureSeal™ Marine test demonstrates that it can effectively temporarily plug rigid inflatable boat pontoons and maintain an air pressure to allow for a safe return to port.
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Truckers doing the right thing
  • April 6, 2015
Safety and environmentally conscious truckers - be well prepared for #spillprevention, because you never know what could happen.
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RuptureSeal™ Marine partners with Mermaid Marine
  • January 21, 2015
Boaters, RuptureSeal™ Marine now available where you shop!
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